Friday, February 20, 2009

What I've been doing with money

In a way this is a movie review post. Watch the movie Kenny, great humor. I got it through netflix. Interesting story on the origin of the word shit. Kenny says it stands for how they would try and move some excrement on the high seas "Store High In Transit" is how the boxes were marked. The financial markets have been turbulent worthy of storing nest eggs high also.

My first trade as an adult was for a 30% return on netflix. I keep this one on my long watchlist. A fundamental and new story is there, numbers are good, demand has been good, sponsorship good. The only problem is overall market direction. Anything that has tried to lead in the past months has fallen, like education stocks this week. If it moves in a good market, especially above 40.9 old high, I might be a buyer.

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