Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tesla patents


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Raleigh NC service center

Service center is open. Large garage door, room for two cars inside. One car was in for some kind of service, the happy owner was there advocating buying a car instead of holding stock. One lift seemed the type with swingarms to go under car, another seemed like a heavy duty platform, I think it was 4 post. Under this lift was a battery pack in a crate. A customers new car came in with a battery that Tesla HQ could tell was not working well so they changed it out before the customer even took delivery, never new of the issue. There were 4 cars out back to be delivered. Each car gets detailed, takes about two hours. Perhaps the last chance for some quality checks. There were charging cords inside, some charging hardware (like for installing a 2nd charger on the car), lots of new stuff in boxes, typical shop equipment. The serviceman Javier was very nice spending time with me. He took me out and let me sit in one of the cars, no test drive as they all belonged to others. I FIT IN THE CAR and I am tall and fat! There was another employee helping a customer. They are hiring a service manager. Javier said they already have more work than they can handle. He thinks there are 30 cars in the area and 100 in the state. Click images for larger.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Recent market strength puzzles me. I expected a slow spring and summer with bullishness returning in the fall or next year. Clearly I am lousy at market prediction, need to adhere to a cohesive intelligent strategy. I have not done this well the past couple months though it has not been destructive. The number of mutual funds holding ecar stock has grown to 242. It has gone north of 40 for the first time on great strength. I ADDED higher than where we are now 41.56. I subscribed to IBD again but dislike the salesmanship. They have a new 2013 book out from their meetup representative. Basically it rehashes everything ever said, profiles those that have used the "system". Lots of small players seem to hold for short periods, scare off easy, perhaps churn accounts. They do not talk about overall returns. The book seems to be a sales tool for many of the things that IBD sells, generally monthly charges for products that likely wont help me do better.