Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Review

I've recently finished Boik book Monster Stocks. I normally buy my books used but bit the bullet for this one new. It is a rehash of WON books, easily read, okay examples. I enjoyed it and suggest to those looking for big runs in bull market. It is best for swing or investors, not as much for day trading how to.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yah baby holding working

401K, fear

Lots of people are scared of the market. There is a lot of bad news coming out now, things really seem bad. Despite this the market has improved. I moved over half of retirement account funds back into the market a short period of time ago. While the volatility has been crazy and has me fearful, the account balances in all regards are up.

Now what two sectors are amongst those we should be most cautious of? Would financials and/or real estate be on that list? These are the two that have performed the best! It was a bit of a speculative play, not much that said they were strong, but they are clearly doing better.

It is interesting to see the disagreement in the market. It is interesting to sense some personal growth as I hold trades longer, move in the market during time of fear, and see some previously well respected net resources be different than I.

I was working my day job on the 15th, but the candles sure screamed buy netflix around 3 pm. What a profit it could have been.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Travelling idea

Check this site out

Gold fundamentals

Lots of folks look into gold trades, some buy it as long term investment for collapse of US economy. I have never followed gold in any fashion, recently heard someone comment that it is useless to do so for the following reason. We spend lots of money to get gold out of the ground, ship it, buy it, then spend lots of money to bury it in the ground and protect it. It is not being used for new or more goods or services that increase it values in a manner that netflix is growing their new product or service. I want exponential growth! My guess is that some of the gold issues will set up for good short sales in the coming months.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Netflix-need to hold em

I'm beyond kicking myself on this one but man did I have Netflix correct. I'd said here to buy when above 40.9, then had it at 41.63. This am I see it approaching 49, a 17% move in less than a month. But I am far from perfect and sold this one when I elt myself get chased out. Sometimes fear really screws with you, forces your hand. I forget how firm of a stop loss on this, but it was a mental one.

I'd like to ask myself WWDD? What would Darvas do? He would have been away from the market, ignoring intraday price action, might have even had this one on margin. I suspect he would watch this one for a pullback to $45 or even the 50 day average. For now it really looks like a great winner of the future. Installed on LG tvs and now video games. Increasing stock of bluray also.

NFLX lesson is helping me to hold onto another leading stock that is a little more sluggish, not as much in the public eye, but showing great fundamentals and price action-constructive pullback now.

Happy trading!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long Live the queen

I cut back on my queen order, down to 5. I'd only had 9 okay hives alive and unable to buy frames of brood with ease. They are sitting in the kitchen for now, need to get them out to the splits I made yesterday. What you are seeing here is a 3 hole cage, right side has a fondant candy plug that all the bees will eat through when I remove the cork covering the end. The left side has a cork to keep the bees in, I will pull the cork out if queen is not released in 3 days (never had to do it). The queen has her head aimed for 12 oclock, tail towards 6 oclock. It can be seen here that she is larger than the rest, with a little food and attention her abdomen does get larger. These are the cordovan italians from CF Koehnen, a favorite of mine. CLICK IMAGE FOR DETAILS

Now that's infrastructure


Via yahoo finance this am I see a story of Australia building out broadband network to increase traffic speeds 100x. I wish the US had more of this. I understand some of the plans for utility buildouts, but this does not really change things much for the average Joe.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Suggested reading

1977 mine was 2nd ed
Michael G. Zahorchak
The Art of Low Risk Investing.
Easy, simple, understandable.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Be prepeared

The hard work done now will bear fruit in the future. It can't be seen or touched but it will grow and ripen and be delicious.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Time to stop sleeping

I feel energized and hopeful that things will be better ahead. I see great stock set ups and quality issues breaking out to new highs. Be on the lookout! Mums the word from here on out.

Blow me down popeye

Click on header above for interesting thoughts on AIG and banks unwinding at taxpayer expense. Why haven't I seen this in mainstream press?


I'm out of NFLX, should have walked away from computer and held...