Friday, April 17, 2009

401K, fear

Lots of people are scared of the market. There is a lot of bad news coming out now, things really seem bad. Despite this the market has improved. I moved over half of retirement account funds back into the market a short period of time ago. While the volatility has been crazy and has me fearful, the account balances in all regards are up.

Now what two sectors are amongst those we should be most cautious of? Would financials and/or real estate be on that list? These are the two that have performed the best! It was a bit of a speculative play, not much that said they were strong, but they are clearly doing better.

It is interesting to see the disagreement in the market. It is interesting to sense some personal growth as I hold trades longer, move in the market during time of fear, and see some previously well respected net resources be different than I.

I was working my day job on the 15th, but the candles sure screamed buy netflix around 3 pm. What a profit it could have been.

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