Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I might live to regret this but I sold out of a recent purchase in CNO for a very small profit(in 4.77, out 4.91). The stock offering news has me worried in a fundamental sense, I'd rather not lose. The chart still looks good but it is not for me any longer. I think this one will stay back burner for quite a while.


  1. So you sold out of CNO because you had a small profit and because you are "worried". You want to make 3 million dollars and you are taking minor percentage gains? I have no interest in CNO, but this is a losing strategy. The only way you are going to make it big is if you buy a stock and it takes off making you a big profit over many weeks. The cumulation of many small gains will not do it for you, therefore taking a small profit is useless. HOLD ON TO WINNERS AND SELL LOSERS! YOU ARE PULLING THE WHEAT AND LEAVING THE WEEDS!

  2. I can't argue as you are right. Thank you for your comments.