Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pondering, thoughts

I have kind of taken the month off. I had visitors in from out of town, my own stretch of time off from work in which I was traveling, and times with my spouse in which I had best not been an ahole! I kept up with the market some, but not been in front of a screen at all times. I am happy to see that market prices have been rising, helps to confirm holding 401k/annuity accounts during trying times when we made lower highs. In trading accounts I've held onto one position, held QQQQ for 2% in several accounts. As things stand now the account is up 2.48% this month, 5.1% YTD.

I was planning on doing a few things this month that I have not yet: experimenting with 30 day free futures platforms, learning Excel spreadsheets, and coming up with better defined beliefs about the market along with well defined methods to trade as vanTharp teaches.

I will not get to those things yet as there are stocks to review, I need to follow up on some tractor repairs underway as I consider a new tractor with a front end loader, and I might try and buy some more pigeons.

If you are ever near Philadelphia, one must experience both the Reading Terminal Market and the Italian Market.

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