Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Letter to Our Leaders

President Obama and others in Political Power,

I am unaware of the back room discussions that have taken place in regards to the BP oil now contaminating our planet so forgive me for not fully recognizing your wonderful leadership. Forgive me also for not being a man of letters.

A true leader is proactive, not reactive. It is far past time for greater action on your parts to stop the oil now poisoning the lives of many. This is not a BP problem, it is a world environmental health problem. Allow me to armchair quarterback from my vantage point.

It is time to draw together the world oil leaders in one room and shut them in together. Attendance is not optional. Halt all work that is ongoing on other jobs, bring the big brain engineers together, the university scientists, the Army Corp of Engineers, the Coast Guard, the environmentalists, and any young up and coming Doogie Howsers. I also want large conglomerate manufacturers along with smaller specialty shops to be present. Once in the room, tell the facts as they are. Explain the construction of this oil well along with the known problems down deep. Have BP explain their efforts and what the data shows. Then get out some giant chalkboard and brainstorm. No idea too small or big, no expense too much, no effort too small or large. Write it all down. By the way, I suggest you give immunity to BP for any evidence they provide, as the data they have is crucial for an understanding of the problems.

Next, command, nationalize, or socialize all manufacturing efforts needed to provide support for all the ideas that could work to fix this problem. There is not a red blooded American that would not serve with honor to help fix this. Delay is not acceptable. This is an international emergency.

Then throw the full support of the US into the financial backing of this effort, with the forward announced plan to raise US fuel taxes to whatever level is needed. Combine this with whatever desired ideas you or others might have cooking with regards to US energy policy. Think big, this can be your legacy.

Then implement all the solutions at once. Be working on all solutions at the same time, not one and then another.

I'd suggest getting some Kennedy guys on board for whatever oversight panel you are working on. I forget where the two you named came from, but their pedigrees read like they are from the same cloth of many before them.

If I were a leader of this nation, I would have done this a while ago.

A US Citizen.


  1. Bee
    Good one. Did you write it or someone else?
    Bill from the Chat.