Monday, August 23, 2010


Futures stuff not going so great. I was getting into poor habits and counter trend stuff that was killing me. I am going to keep that account open but I need to rethink how I go about it. Get back to my original plan of learning the various markets to take advantage of them in the future.

Market looks sideways to down to me based upon trading ranges and moving averages.

When I reflect back on trades that could have been life changing they were always leading stocks that should have been held for a long time. I am going to try and do that more, how many times have I said this? Perhaps futures foray was good to get me to focus longer term. Intraday stuff really winds me up!

Stay on the leaders!

TMI update: I can tell that the area from which I derive information continues to get smaller and smaller, mostly charts.

I've subscribed to The Economist to try and better educate myself on the world social/political scene.

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