Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diabetes management

The following chart is a new favorite of mine. I am trying to follow group strength and then identify strong stocks with favorable patterns. I scanned this group as being near new highs, saw this stock. I am in it perhaps a little late but I have a risk managed position on...

The story with it: For those that do not know, I pay my bills as a nurse. Diabetes is a killer disease. I have had a loved one seize in bed next to me with little to offer as they suffered from low blood sugar. Sugar gets too low, then I have nothing to offer if they are not conscious. Luckily I also keep bees so I jammed some honey down the gullet, less of a risk of aspiration with thick stuff like this. When the rescue truck came the blood sugar had recovered to 29 (normal is 70-120). Subsequent seizure we had a glucagon pen.

There are continuous glucose monitoring systems available that will allow us to see the sugar all the time. Picture a small pager with screen. Well this company makes one that a user can wear for 7 days, Abbott makes one that can be worn for 5. It will give you a warning when high or low, and trust me, it wakes you the Foxtrot up!

We demo'd both. Cost is about 800 out of pocket, then insurance pays for the disposables. Better glucose control possible along with smoothing of peaks and valleys. Whizbang programs to track reaction to foods, insulin, and exercise. Better A1c=less target organ damage. There is not an insulin dependant diabetic int he world that should not wear one.

We had an appointment to get one, it got cancelled and moved back two more months. I hope this is not a supply issue and I hope that it is due to demand.


Post script note: This was an emotionless trade to take except for the excitement of what I had looked at breaking out. I bought it based on group research, favorable story, risk managed, strong volume, new product. There was nothing to be scared of.

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