Friday, February 3, 2012

Research Report ST

How interesting the story is on this one in light of a possible presidential nominee. Sensata used to be owned by Texas Instruments, some of their leadership comes from there. They were purchased by Bain Capital, which seems to own over 50% of the stock and has folks on the board. March of 2011 Bain sold some stock when price was higher than it is now, certainly higher than its IPO price and its secondary offering price.

This company makes all kinds of sensors and controls for numerous products, my guess is they keep their fingers on the pulse of everything new and great in the world. As a growth story they are growing but not by leaps and bounds that a Canslimmer might want. Ther are profitable. I can't tell what they planned to do with IPO funds so I assume it was to line capitalists pockets (as opposed to using the money to expand products and services like microsoft at the beginnning or tesla now).

The 50 day is under the 200. We are in a new bull market. As an IPO play it does not strike me as an exponential growth story. It did remind me of what seems to be a great business incubator type company, CY, Cypress Semiconductor. I find ST not even worthy of posting a chart. I'll probably keep it on a list for a while but get rid of it.

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