Sunday, June 23, 2013

Electric cars and book

When I drive around other cars now I really notice the noise.  I'm getting older, don't play loud music quite so much, and really appreciate a quiet background.  There are days at work that the power goes out and the hum of the lights and the HVAC blowers go off that the level of peace is palpable.  Electric offer some of the same.  I've had visitors drive up to my house in hybrid cars and not heard the vehicle.

Electric cars offer many other benefits:  no oil spills, no gas odors (less carcinogen exposure), no smog, no emissions.  The fuel is cheaper and fuel can be had at home.

I'm re-reading what I now consider the best investment book ever written.  Tesla naysayers generally have a critical fault, they do not investigate the car.  They talk to internal combustion engine people but won't go sit in a car.  They worry about purchase price and won't read company investor relations website.  They complain about car range without facts.  They complain about long distance accessibility of charging without understanding the master plan.  If the Tesla bears talked to a Tesla owner or drove in the car they would be better informed.

So back to the book, it early on tells the story of a guy name Dave that bought Xerox when it was starting with copying machines, a new technology.  He talked to people that used the product, learned how they enjoyed it.  He did his own calculations, figured how large it could be.  He bought near the IPO, held for 12 years and got 40X his money.  Other stocks mentioned in this book are Dell, Home Depot, Compaq, Microsoft.  All were game changers and made the big money.  That is what I want!

Read the book The Big Money by Frederick R. Kobrick and go drive a Tesla!

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