Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Market thoughts

In my opinion Tesla presents great risk short term.  I've considered moving money into other things that are moving better.  I suspect there is some chain yanking.  I see many more people interested in the stock.  This zeal was to be one of the signs for me to get out.  Overall I think the long term outlook is much higher so I will watch this forever...

FB looks strong.  I can't fathom a target, tough to do research and back of napkin calculations.  Will I ever get too old to understand new tech?

NVAX:  I was wrong.  I've responded accordingly.

401K- Europe and international choices were scary for a long while but now outperform the SP500 that I thought to move the funds into.  It seems that buy and hold and/or regular rebalancing per Bogleheads is a good idea.  I suggest you read more at the bogleheads forums.

A few weaks ago I got in a bad space in my head and got all emotional.  I'm glad my trading results don't show it, I was worried they might.  I thought I'd do stupid things and screw up.  If I did things stupidly they are working out okay.

If I were managing my own 401K funds in the same manner as other trading I could have quit work by now.  Do you see that little performance stat YTD to the right?

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