Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Finish the job

There are a few paths I could travel from here.  I hope the path of the emotional degenerate trader is not an option that happens.  I've had some measure of success and could likely quit the game now.  It is tempting to just buy some kind of lower risk vehicle ( dividend, CDs, SP Index) and live a comfortable life.  I might still choose this route.  It would be good and honorable to do so.

The problem is that the decent average retirement is not my goal.  My SO in life wants to travel first class.  I'd like to help build libraries or the modern day equivalent.  I'd like to spend more time and money beautifying my corner of the earth through flowers, landscaping, and better organizing, perhaps hiring a gardener.  I want to bike the country.  I'd like to help educate.

Throughout my life I've been a great starter.  OCD to the max for any new endeavor.  This can go on for years, but many interests end up not captivating me as easily.  My background is one of frequently not finishing tasks, hobbies, education, relationships, etc..  I want this trading gig to not become another has been.  I want to see this through to the best conclusion.

I've been given some talents and do not want to bury them, I want to multiply them.

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