Sunday, November 9, 2014

IPO research

This is the first round, not very detailed.  More later as I read from company data.  Seven months of IPOs reviewed, glancing at company profile via finance sites.  I screen according to things I have talked about here before: chance for explosive growth in new market, strong leadership, proper use of my money to develop business, and sleepy factor (can I sleep through losses).  Two companies peak my interest, one is large enough to consider now, the other is very small.  Two others peak my interest as game changers, not sure I can wrap my head around the entire business, will have to see.   They happen to be two that have made waves prior to my research.

1.  ZOES  I've enjoyed the food.  15 states, like 125 stores.  There has got to be room for more.  If I can read company data and understand a master plan it is a buy.

2.  MCUR Risky small Israeli would product company in stage 3 trials.  Unmet need for relatively small market, if the stuff works it could do well.

3/4.  MBLY and GPRO

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