Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A good lesson driven home hard: Zacks article on CLDN

So some writer for a paid advisory service at least had the balls to revisit an old idea that failed.  CLDN.  CLDN working on stage 2 drug study for some virus they inject, it helps cardiac cells, perhaps regenerate (or whatever, it was too hocus pocus to worry about) such that it would help those with numerous cardiac problems.  The writer suggested buying when the price was around 18 on Feb 27th, it went up some to 25.  There was one glaring issue with this though, something any investor should have their fingers on the pulse of.  Click image.

Beginning in late 2014 every insider transaction in this company was a SALE.
They did not believe in it themselves.
Some of them had salaries of half a million per year, still were selling.

Novavax leadership has been buying.
The lesson is stick with companies whose senior people file purchases, not sales.

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