Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 year in review, reflections, thoughts

First off, and clearly a big deal to not forget, this was the 5th year in a row that my trading has beat the SP500.  Another clear positive was the dollar amount added, perhaps as much as gross income from day jobs.  The SP 500 was down 0.73%, my trading up 13.5%.

The tough thing to ignore reflecting back on 2015 is that a very large portion of my gains evaporated with the market downturn this fall.  I had been up 125%, over a million dollars!  It was a huge year for me in that regard and oh so difficult to think of the losses.  For years I've harbored thoughts of some professional money manager swooping in to hire me for big bucks, something like a hedge fund.  I bet they don't hire people that give back such a large portion of their gains!

Why did this drawdown happen?  Because the premise for trade entries remained, the end point had not been reached.  Because I set up some rules and while I am willing to be flexible and make spur of the moment decisions any decisions would have only reflected emotional trading.  Because I have enough money to live a comfortable life already, have a good job, and my goal is to have "F YOU" kind of money.

ZOES is not so interesting to me any longer.  Other ideas remain front and center as they have for years.

Retirement from normal work life likely awaits us at the end of 2016.

If your trading can't beat the SP500, perhaps just go buy a low cost index fund like a Boglehead and enjoy your life.

Have a good 2016.

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