Sunday, May 9, 2010

Market madness

There is plenty of emotion in the market, I myself am fearful of losing a lot of my retirement funds. But I have a stable job and will just continue to work, saving as much as I can. If my trading were better I would argue that 401K owners need more control over their funds. The market was looking healthy as it advanced, the simple things I currently look at for market breadth suggested that this was a strong bull market we were in, warning signs were not flashing that big bull was over. The way I see things, if I was not smart enough to pull money out of the market as things went up, I need to sit through this time now. Of course, if the 50 day moving average moves below the 200 day average, all bets are off. At present it looks like that could be coming. If the market behaves poorly on Monday, I will consider a 1/3 move to cash in 401k, pulling out of the Europac fund.

Some interesting black monday 1987 links: What Caused the Stock Market Crash of 1987? and Black Monday (1987)

I want to get in touch with my inner voice more, learn to listen to it. As I was noting the danger signs of crumbling leaders I was thinking it was time to get out of the market and bury my head for a while. If I'd done that I'd have a few more percent of my equity still listed in my account. This market is too volatile for the average participant. I will wait for more reasonable times but continue my processes for monitoring potential leaders. I know of nothing else to do.


  1. Very good blog, bee. No pretensions, just an honest post

  2. Wow, my 3rd ever comment. Thank you.