Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Research report NVAX

Novavax is a player in the vaccine develpment market. Vaccines typically are made with chicken eggs using live viruses, then the virus is inactivated somehow. From what I can gather, NVAX makes their vaccines without live virus hence no need for biological controls during manufacture. They also use new techniques: insects as growth vectors, and virus like particle engineering. The company website suggests they can make vaccines faster, perhaps with immunological benefits over traditional vaccines, perhaps even faster.

GE is partnered with them. Many overseas companies are partnered with them. US Govt has given them funding for further research. Many vaccines are in clinical trials, not just for bird flu, but also for several other viral illnesses.

The leadership looks strong by background. Much of the leadership has been with the company for just a few years. This could be a weakness or just a sign of growth.

The market has not shined well on price. Institutions are generally getting out or lightening up on this issue, price and average trend is down.

I suspect the bottom is in. Disclosure: I am a small owner. It made a Donchian b/o.

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