Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Research Report ZIP

Recent IPO but in business for a number of years. They focus on large communities and universities that have established public transportation systems. Good organic and purchased growth with evidence of vehicels and number of customers increasing. I find the story not quite believeable but that is the kind of thing that had me sell out of NFLX too early. Gadgets in cars a nice feature, lots of young customers. Presentations seem well laid out and they are executing well. Recent Donchian b/o, perhaps extended. I'd rather buy a pullback when price rate of change goes red again. Odd how steady the price decline has been, early purchasers are pained. I can't recall seeing any in use in DC. No tell as far as institutions.

I'd say this could be a buy now, or after a pullback for a nice long term investment. They look like the have room to grow and business model that has been working.

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