Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mark Zuckerburg

I find this company leader and his company difficult to ignore.  The stock is moving into recent new highs, is in a new market, is executing, scared out weak hands.  TSLA in a way is teaching me about buying new highs in great growth stocks, they are buyable.  I lightened up on TSLA earlier as it continued to move up well, including with some scared money in a margin account that would have had massive gains now.  So late yesterday and this am I lightened up on my NVAX position and bought FB.  I'd considered some ITM leaps but had to wait for settled funds so just bought stock.

I'm now starting to do my first research on the company...

NVAX might come back to bite me but I still own a lot.  They need stage 3 results to move well, that can take years.  I'm able to find other justifications but it is a gut feel learned from experience.

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