Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Research and position update

I continue to find reasons to not wait on NVAX, generally they need to at least start stage 3 trials for RSV.  There is some movement in the VLP space with Medicago buy out and the INO pump and dump ongoing.  I have made at least 20% on average and sold the rest today.

I have negative feelings about my excitement for this one of late coupled with what I could have had in TSLA.

Raleigh NC service center has at least 2 new employees including a salesman that can give test drives, even travels with the car to let folks drive at their house.  There were at least 10 cars at the shop, the most I've seen and the Service Manager said they had 26 on the lot last week.  Nothing was said, but I got the vibe they have plans for larger service center and/or sales location.  A couple came in to pick up their car while I was there!  Service Manager spoke well about how things were going to be with supercharger network.

I added today, prepared to not sell again.  If it drops down with earnings I will consider adding more.

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