Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It might prove to be an amateur move but TNDM gave me a scare this am and I sold. It is still very much on my watch list. I'd just printed out the daily and weekly graphs to compare to when I got in it, lots of things were better like estimates, EPS growth rate and estimates, fund ownership, and the number of funds in. On the down side it listed lower (only average) group strength and a lower U/D Volume ratio. With yet another high volume gap crap open my I sold. It looked like I could give back profits. If it recovers I will be the first to call myself a FIRST CLASS REPEAT SHITHEAD!

One of the things I think about doing is a mission statement or business plan. One of the things I would have to address is how I want to make money in the market. Do I want to buy and hold in good market, or do I want to try and focus on moving in and out of the leaders only when the charts suggest they are ready for a move?

Along those lines I went long NFLX with unsettled funds. It has pulled back from 50 to near 45 now, looks like it chased folks out with a spurt to 42 and should hold 44 at this juncture. Volume low for the day, I expect this might be a few days early for a big move.

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