Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Computer set-up

I have a few years old HP dual core computer. I can't find much that will help me trade better yet so I stick with what I have until much better comes out or my net service gets faster. I have 2 monitors of different size so that I can see charts, generally keep 3 issues up, the one I am most interested in has it up in 3 time frames, otherwise just 2 time frames for the others.

I have to use internet explorer for IBD graphs. I use Mozilla Firefox for all else, Thunderbird for email. I try to turn all auto updates off, do not want things screwing up my day. If I see computer start slowing down, I shut down everything except my trading platform. I might also open the task manager to look at processes running and using lots of memory or whatever. Then I shut them down if I can tell what they are.

I regularly scan with Norton and the following:

I will also run whatever preloaded clean your computer up stuff their is with the computer and more so the application that come with Norton. I'll also look at all programs installed and get rid of what I do not use or want. Extra programs really bog things down.

Stay away from net filth!

If trading speed is important, less is best.

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