Monday, August 31, 2009

Market direction

I continue with amazement at the number of people not saving money. Very few of my coworkers even know what they are contributing to retirement funds IF they contribute at all. They have no idea what the money is invested in. One gal suggested she would go talk to a financial advisor to tell her what to do! I suggested she read Jane Bryant Quinns "Making the most of Your Money" or even consider some Dave Ramsey books (never read them but get the idea).

I have no idea what direction the market is going. But we were beaten down so bad for so long that I suspect those that had to sell sold and that nobody is left that has to sell.

I cancelled my remaining newsletter from Gilmo but have paid thru November, gonna grab the stick on my own again. I've traded better of late that way.

I remember a biblical story of a man that had a demon cast out only to attract seven more demons. I view the search for trading truths somewhat similarly in that in looking for the holy grail one opens oneself up to partial or half truths (demons). It just takes a lot of time and perspective to figure this out some. You gotta be careful looking for something as it might just be found.

Save your money, pay yourself first, manage risk so the benefits of compound interest can work for you.

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