Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Reflections

I am amazed that I can have my finger on the overall big picture of the market reasonable well and do so poorly in my active trading. The growth in retirement accounts at work and an annuity still have me up over 15% YTD, but the trading accounts are dismal. I am fairly well resolved to stick with what positions I have (4 stocks) until they violate serious long term averages like the 30 week or 50 week and if they do this to then only trade in ETFs of mutual funds for big picture moves.

The stocks I am in vary a bit. One has a lot of industry attention as a leader and might go further. It seems like some folks are selling it as it has moved to new 52 week highs this past week. Another is one I have visited a few times before and vomited all over the place, back in at new highs on volume, some folks are saying it has bad pattern. After I bought it tanked and has hurt my best performing trading account seriously. Two others do not meet normal criteria that I look for, but seem to be moving up a lot on potential. If swine flu turns out to be a big problem it might have me rolling in mud like a happy pig. I traded CNO for nice short term gain. It looks like it could be a buy and hold issue.

We canned some tomatoes, apple saucce this weekend. I've got the best and loving spouse in the world. I am grateful for these things.

I need to put in more footwork!

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