Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book Review

First off, I do not regret selling out of all stocks this week even though one is quite a bit higher now. They still need five and six million dollar volume up days to impress me as that is what they did on recent distribution days.

I've just finished Tom Lydon's "The ETF Trend Following Playbook". Save the money if you understand moving averages to guide trading and can find a full list of ETFs that are tradeable. Read the book if you want to learn more about ETFs and what is available. It is a playbook in that it teaches what can be traded, general long term guidelines to follow to do so well. It lacks a coach in that it does not offer specific how to guide. I might be biased by experience in that much if not all that was written was familiar to me. My vote: save the money, wait for library. I have not looked at his website to comment on that, more of value might be there.

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