Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sheep or not?

Overall the meetup was a good expereience. I suggest it to anyone new to IBD methods. Leader was knowledgeable, kept good focus. It seemed that a few people knew what they were talking about when they spoke but some of these did not talk much. One guy hijacked a lot, but he was older and had a chart printout with elliott waves drawn on the spy chart. I wanted to here of some great experience hitting home runs but did not. Most everyone there was a young sheep, not sure if they will get shorn... If you are new to active trading beware of losing funds. Very few people were fully invested in the market, I think that the heavy hitters were short after the close last night, many of them acted like the close was as ugly as it gets, I see the numbers as not that bad. I view pullback as buyable, not a collapse. I'll wait for charts and trendlines to say when. A few of my ETFs went red.

What a collective mass of buyers and sellers the IBD crowd must make.


  1. Hello Nursebee, I saw your IBD 09/10/09 post. I am a canlslim investor and a past Gil Morales client. contact at if you desire information.

  2. I am not looking for that information. Why not just post it on that website instead of making it look like you were looking for email addys to spam?

  3. For legal reasons I can not post.