Thursday, October 1, 2009


I added to INP, sold IYR EWT and XSD as under performers. EWT looks stronger now. I likely would not have bought THD if I looked closer at it then as it is low volume. I am amazed at intraday ETF price movement.

My two hands are still bullishly in the air, gotta wonder if those IBDers at the meetup are still short? This thought comes from a desire to be right, rich, and others wrong. Bad...

I got my second ever comments on the blog. Once again it has nothing to do with my blog, my thoughts, my great trading or wisdom. Instead it seems to be someone that wants to spread some dirt. I do not care to learn the dirt on anyone, it will not help me. I view myself as an ever increasing knowledgeable trader with incredible room to grow. I am capable of the best and worst in the market and have done both. I have listened to others, paid others. But the key is that I am responsible for my money, my trades, my decisions. As far as the past, other than it being instructrive to reflect and change, I prefer to focus on what I can do for me, not what I can do to hurt another.

"The Art of Making Money": A great easy read, not about the market. I read this one on the beach while watching all kinds of fisherman. These guys really reminded me of a bunch of traders in so many ways. Big and little poles, over anxious for small nibbles or normal gyrations, perhaps they missed the real catches due to too much activity.


  1. That's contary to what someone else using your ID wrote. Maybe this wasn't your posting. very strang, sorry. Please see copy of post below!

    09-10-2009 5:42 AM Quote 4nursebee (180)

    capslock-I'd love to here more about this fall from glory that gilmo had, never heard mention of it.

    I find the question of hedge funds here interesting. chartpettern website is not a hedge fund and I've never heard mention of how any fund did there. I do know that the DZ hedgefund is closed so trying to evaluate it is a pointless exercise imo. If his site lists anything from the first quarter and one looks at those figures to come up with 75% performance it is rather like a new trader counting money with nary a trade placed. That site only lists the best picks out of many that get floated on the advisory service. Hell, I've had some of my best picks go better than that from the first quarter. But it says not about if the trade was made or even held.

    How the heck you gonna check gilmo performance? I do not think he has a fund any longer. He did with Sierra Capital but is not there any longer.

  2. This is way too anonymous and suspicious in a manner similar to spam, phishing, etc...

    Perhaps if one wanted to share legitimate info from a known person (capslock might qualify as someone I've seen for years) then an email could be sent to blogger via the google email service address.