Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monetizing blogs, my message

I took a quick look around the adsense stuff, thought back to blogs I liked and found helpful. I was considering trying to make a few bucks off of this down the road, but I am just not that worried about making a few pennies. I'd rather enjoy my life and make the big bucks.

The other issue is the message I believe in and would put forth, it would not sell. I have nothing to offer, my message is not unique or sexy, I offer little unique insight. The advice I would offer is what I would say to any youngster coming up in the world: Work hard, study, save as much as you can. Pay yourself first. Invest in the best you can, dont be too risky with money you can't lose. Follow the major trends, ignore the news, follow the price. Read a lot. Daytrading for pennies is tough, try the long balls to stay around. Trade less.

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