Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fear and Greed

I like the movement of the market. I am still looking at individual stocks but still see where some of what I would have chosen has stayed flat or lost, would have damaged pride some more. Greed keeps me looking, fear keeps me out. Real estate pulled back I expect it is still okay in my 401K for long term hold. Odd how the foreign ETFs move throughout the day, they look like they could be traded intraday. I'd like to read more fundamental international news but might not go looking for anything. EWA interesting, I reviewed my blog, should have bought when I commented on the real infrastructure high speed spending they are doing, not the new sidewalks I see here in the states. I'm all in! DGS EWM EWZ ILF INP RSX THD Systems and Forecasts seems to be good at measuring the VS of the market.


  1. Hey NurseBee, Nice blog, enjoyed reading your commentary and especially your instropective thoughts on your development as a trader. Like your focus on avoiding TMI.

    Sounds like you do some day trading. You might want to check out the free TraderFeed blog by Dr. Brett, another great resourse IMO. I have no affiliation, just a fan and he has a real heart for helping traders in their development.

  2. Dr Brett has some good stuff but no, I am trying to not daytrade at all. Zero, nunca, nada. The need to avoid TMI is likely my character flaw, follow your own genie!