Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great month- a review

I have not been diligent about reviewing my performance at month end periods but I was much more disciplined in October and figures show it. My number of trades was way down. I trade with 4 different accounts, I am not sure how to report the number of trades, but suffice to say that there were 10 round trips, some held over from September. I am holding one option that cost me $40, currently a loss. I made a bad trade, unplanned, over emotional in Apple, a good loss. All the other trades were profitable. I am happy with the outcome, but am disappointed with the selling discipline. The 4 accounts were up 7.5, 9.5, 16.7, 5.8%.

I do not want to panic with regards to my 401K and annuity accts so have not looked at them. I got in them long ago, hold nice profits, and want to remain disciplined with regards to buying and selling them. I am looking at 50/200 day moving averages with regards to entry and exits. I do not think we have finished the overall trend up and do not think we will crash and burn to the downside. Mid term we be in limbo!

I see more money to be made short.

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