Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's meetup

IBD works with a group called meetup for investors to get together and learn/share, sometimes they even send speakers to the meetings. Years ago I tried to start my own in town here, never got a hit from anyone real. Tonight I am going to my first meeting albeit in a larger town many miles away. I am searching for inspiration and a fun night out. I expect I have something to share though not that inspiring. I have been a sheep amongst wolves, expect I will see quite a few sheep.

ETF (IYR DGS EWT INP THD XSD EWM RSX)positions are all +0 to 4% in the short time I've had them. This brings 2 accounts up maybe 5%, two others down a bunch still. Other retirement accounts in mutual fund style investing are up 29, 33, and now 49%! I expect the ETFs to treat me well in coming months. Not as exciting but more profitable.

What is happening right now: major market indexes continue hitting new highs with good breadth, this is bullish!

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