Sunday, January 31, 2010

End of month review

1. How the heck am I going to be able to hold onto solid winners? At the beginning of the month I sold out of NFLX near 53.75 in 3 of my accounts. I was likely very overweight in them. It traded as low as 48.52 after that. Now it is up 15% from where I sold. How does one endure that kind of action?

2. Overall I am down 1.7% in actively traded accounts. In each of those: -1.47, -1.05, +2.7%, -8%. 18 trades (this month thinking of them as 18 one way trades). Most are small moves either way, best gain was in CPTS, worst loss was XLF not considering holdover from December of NFLX.

Discussion. I thought the month would end up better. NFLX puzzles me. No horrible losses make this very survivable. Current positions are held in all accounts with sizeable losses in each, but those numbers are considered in month end figures. If the market turns up I should do well with these, if the market goes down, I will be out of these with less money than now.

I looked at a UUP trade this month, did not take it when it was 23.23, closed 23.45. Based upon position sizing rules I could have bet my farm on this one and been up a bit from then. If I use turtle like rules for entry and exit, does it mean I have to take every entry that presents itself? This one was not very sexy, I have never traded the dollar, upside seems limited, but 1% is 1%. I will watch and consider. If this was futures trading, what would it be as far as gain?

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