Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I sold out of NFLX yesterday. It was down on big volume on a big up day. It might just be a good flush out prior to going higher but I have no idea, that is mostly just hope. I think that doing an end of year and month evaluation and mentally having a clean slate helped me to just plain old recognize my sunk costs. I moved into this with too much of my portfolio. When I started trying to trend trade ETFs I did well my first month. Late last month I started back doing this when I moved out of NFLX in one account, had one small loss in IYT, now have 2 positions with gains above 5%. Not one to argue with success I am going back to the ETF trend trading with the bulk of my funds. There are several that are buyable. I need to wait for settled funds and in a way would like to see how the next few days shakeout.

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