Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Restraint equals indulgence

I don't "feel" like I have my finger on the pulse of things, been busy with work and life. So I choose to not trade much, have a very light footprint in the market right now. I'll do some better research in the am, want to have some candidates and conditions lined up.

The blog title comes from a book I have been reading on a family that tried to eat local food for a year. The author talked about how we eat everything we want when we want it, not being willing to wait for seasonal foods out of the garden. And yet we expect kids to wait for intimate relations after living lives absent of restraint. The author suggests that waiting for the suggested aphrodisiac of fresh spring asparagus is the restraint that equals indulgence. Perhaps waiting for my trade that I feel good about is the same.

I suspect I have read enough market books to be successful and just need to continue on the path I am on.

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