Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update on March 2010

20 trades were made with controlled losses, some profits, mostly in a 2% QQQQ trade at start of vacation. Of the 20 trades I am still holding 7 of them. Some of the 20 are really one trade but spread over several accounts so do not be fooled thinking I was doing a lot.

Discussion: Two trades were very disappointing to me, I made bad entry on stocks at spur of moment. I got out of both of these earlier than my predetermined loss points prior to them getting there. Another trade I do not recall my reason so I'll say a third was bad. The rest were researched disciplined entries. In retrospect I think two of these were where the 50 day average was below the 200, dangerous longs but one is working out for now. PCLN was another tough one, it was on my watch list with directions to buy a starter position and then add when it broke new highs. I never got the chance and bought in for double position right away and it has held that new high plus a bit. I am telling myself that I will risk 2%, not my normal .5%.

I really want to get this all on a spreadsheet but have limited time with holiday plans and yardwork. I will instead just review charts and market health.

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