Sunday, April 18, 2010


Well Friday action was really not expected. Many of my positions got stopped out. Those that did not were also down large, I went ahead and just stood to the side on most of them, let the market calm down and say what it is going to do. My account balances took a hit but I am going to say this has been a good month of trading with disciplined small losses. Prior to Friday, I'd had several positions up at least the amount I was risking on them. So for now I will survive, trade smaller, keep a watch out.

What most ticks me off was the scenarios I had not accounted for. One of my positions went further against me then I'd wanted as I do not like to use hard stops (I do not place orders until after the action happens) and the alert I had placed was at the wrong price. I was poorly prepared. I need to work on my planning and implementation better. It then was compounded by the cleaning lady vacuuming near my computer and sending things haywire.

Having some form of risk management in place keeps me from getting butchered.

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