Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book review and ISP speeds

ISBN 978-190-6659-71-4
The Guts and Glory of Day traders, true stories of day traders who made or lost a million. I ordered this book before it was published, looked like it was going to be good. IT actually is a reprint circa 2001 that talks to folks that made and lost a bunch from the net boom of that time. I've been doing this for a bit so it offered little for me. An okay read for a weekend, not for anyone that is seasoned. Save the money.

ISP now offering me service that should increase speed from 750K down to 10,000 download speed. A net search suggests it might really be 5 MB, but it is still 6x faster or better. I am going to check into this later this week. Turns out that cable out front was fiber optic.

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