Friday, July 9, 2010

Internet service

I think my trading got started using dial-up service. I was not active, thought more along the lines of buy and hold. But then I got more active and an open pipe became more important. I only had satellite available, got it and loved the speed. Satellite has some issues with signal delay, bad weather, maximum data daily so when the phone company offered DSL it was used. DSL has been similar speed, half the cost, and very enjoyable up until a couple days ago. The picture shows how a crew is burying new cable with "fiber optic" warnings. I suspect it is for telephone company but do not care as long as I can get faster service. I suspect they cut my phone line and went without service for a couple of days, back online now.

I am no longer an aggressive day trader but will look into backup net service, perhaps on a laptop cell phone card IF service is available here.

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