Thursday, July 29, 2010

Futures update

MBT has some issues I do not like. 1) The order entry portion of things defaults to limit orders, easy to switch to market, but sometimes it seems to switch back without my doing anything. 2) I have twice placed orders to do things in the future and the orders were canceled in some manner. The first was a few days ago, I was playing around with advanced order types, put in a loss stopping order along the lines of if price reaches point x sell the position at the market. The other was just over night now with an open limit order to sell at price x (in this case to take a profit). Some how neither order executed when I thought it should have. Perhaps shutting the platform down does this, if so it can be an expensive lesson to learn. 3) They had a working tick chart in all time frames when I signed up, it does not work on shorter time frame charts, no fix apparent for quite a while. 4) Sometimes it is requiring more than one click to buy/sell/cover an issue, even when I am clicking the right button. It is as if moving off the area of the workspace requires one to click on the workspace first to make one click orders go thru. 5) I am wishing I had what I see as a DOM type ordering interface. This does not appear to be easily available.

Because of these things, and perhaps some overall clunkiness I am experiencing with MBT I am now also opening an account with Tradestation, the funding wire should go thru any day now.

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