Thursday, September 6, 2012

I made some changes

The biggest thing I have done is switch the largest portion of funds (that are in an annuity and two 401k accounts) over to the lowest cost index funds. The expense ratios are at least half a percent cheaper, up to a full percent. Considering that 75% of professionally managed funds do not beat the SP500, paying them extra to do so severely limits my returns. The loss of 1% compounded over many years hurts. This info compliments of the Bogleheads. I suggest everyone take a look at their forum and also read some of the latest stuff by Jack Bogle. I've also added some diversification to my investing. I've bought my first rental home. The justification for this is twofold. There are two ways for me to think about having a secure old age. The first is to have a large nest egg (3 million) that grows at a modest interest rate allowing for withdrawals such that I maintain current lifestyle while still growing some. I came up with my figure assuming 3% rate of return while not accounting for pension or social security. It is my quit work today figure. The second way to think about retirement is from a cash flow perspective. If I live on say 4K a month, I need to have that amount of income from all sources at retirement. Buying a rental home and having it paid for by the tenant, gives me improved cash flow. Minimizing my expenses will also help. The way I figure things out, putting 20K into a property, renting it out, paying down the bank note early can pay off the property in 10 years. 20K to 60 or 80K in 10 years? THAT"S GREAT! I am already looking at my 2nd home, perhaps my third. My goal is to buy 10 rentals in next 5 years. Time will tell the wisdom of some trades I closed yesterday. They were spur of the moment unplanned. The first is NVAX. I owned very little of it, made around 30%. One could argue it has a bull flag and could do a double or better from here. No real technical indicators, I just figure there is better stuff to own now. The 2nd is VSI. Click charts for blown up view.
The VSI trade might come back to bite me. I've been watching the indicators mentioned for a year or two, seems like trading in and out of stocks when they move in such ranges could really enhance profits and minimize risk. The problems becomes not forgetting the stock, something I have been guilty of. Also influencing my decision was that VSI was upgraded to a buy. I am just suspicious... One old favorite of mine that is doing well is CNO. I saw mention that AIG had broken out, perhaps all of the insurers are moving well. I have not kept up with CNO so am not a buyer but they sure have looked buyable.

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