Sunday, September 16, 2012

IPO research, review, YTD

First off, net worth is at an all time high. This is attributable to: -sticking with a plan -spending less than earned -saving and investing -decreasing trade frequency / 2nd: Getting out of VSI worried me a little but seems to have been correct for now. I added to another favorite and that has worked well. Real Estate is a good idea One account might be up over 300% YTD, though it was in the hole at start of the year. Others are unremarkable but unconcerning. I was researching IPOs through Sept 2012, not much appeals to me. I will do further research on DRTX and NDP. NDP is interesting as I was just thinking that natural gas is an area that could have some game changers, good new companies that could do well. The downside to natgas is an inability to fully understand and touch taste feel companies in that area, unlike walking into a VSI store. IPOs at 3 month area, at highs, possible shortable EQM, and NOW. I am not.

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