Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I said I wouldn't, but NOW

Now is an IPO stock I took a look at and thought was shortable at about 3 months post IPO. My thought was that the IPO lockup was near expiry, at a high, time for insiders to get out of it. Well, the case is that this one has a 180 lockup period. Still, as I took a further look I decided to go ahead and buy some puts for October. I only have a few hundred at risk. The tide seems to be turning down, starting yesterday, about a week ago the same thing happened and it fell hard and fast. It is at all time high. The company is a cloud related service provider with great revenue increases yet in the recent quarter went from being profitable to net loss for the year and quarter, and they forecast staying at a loss for the year. I did not listen to the conference calls or read too much further as I only plan on staying in this trade this week. So, they have been in business since 2005 or so, went from profit state to a loss, stochastics appear to be changing, market might be in a pullback for now. I think my chances are good.

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