Sunday, May 12, 2013

IPO research thru 4/2013

Nothing of interest.  I am surprised.  But I am picky.

Most of what I have reported on here for IPO research remains on my quote screen.  I have owned most of them at one time or another, generally taking small gains.  VSI surprised me with downward move, they seem to remain a well run company.  I think CPTS could now be a double from when I first watched it, I just never held onto any confidence.  DXCM and PODD remain solid, just don't seem to have enough of a target market for what I am looking for.  A vaccine that everyone takes every year is much better gamble than a company that makes devices that only a portion of diabetics would use.  Solazyme bears some watching though I have not kept up with them well due to price action.  SCTY strikes me as high risk, especially before IPO lock up.  Perhaps after June 11, with better institutional following I will consider.

CLNE strikes me as one to follow now.  There is a lot bad to think about it but the chart screams long term support and buying, I just don't see quality when I scan who owns the thing.  If price starts moving up and better owners step in, I'd consider buying.  But I have only started to watch this one and need to study more.

I try to swing a big bat.  I am studying game film of the pitchers and am waiting for my pitch.  I've now got my first ever double and want a game winning grand slam.

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