Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TSLA Short interest

I follow the shorts in TSLA.  The major reporting seems to be every 2 to 4 weeks which makes it tough to see day to day action.  My broker does not make data public, they are for retail.  But I found a broker site that lists how many shares are available with regular updates.  Prior to earnings I saw 300K shares available, this number has gone down as far as 45K I think.  Post earnings it bounced around such that prior to close yesterday it was still below the 300K I first observed.  After hours yesterday the stock moved higher a couple bucks, still offered that high this am, and the short figures seem to finally be getting better.  I now see 400K available to short.  This broker is THE big one.

I looked at other issues just to make sure and other stocks have millions of shares available.  For those counting on a squeeze or thinking a squeeze might be getting started, I'd say we could still go a lot higher.  Much of the action could as yet be attributed to trend followers and large institutions establishing a long term long position based upon business outlook and true profitability.  I don't know these things to be true but it is what I am observing.

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