Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Medicago research and TSLA update

I had to travel and stopped by the Medicago facility in RTP, NC.  It was a very large new modern building, lots of people working, or I should say there were 30 or more cars there.  No bikes in the bike rack.  There was another vaccine company just up the road.  A young man greeted me when I came in the door.  He removed his headphones and assisted me in trying to obtain a tour.  I quickly gleaned from him that I knew much more about what his company does then he had learned in his time there.  While waiting for someone to come give me a tour (and to ask why tobacco instead of other growth vectors) I could see in a glass wall into an area where it seemed like plants were being worked on, perhaps to dip them in the solution seen in the company video.  Several people could be seen observing the process, none were in the fancy white suits from the video.

The lady came down and seemed like she had her bitch on, I got an instant sense that this was not to be someone helpful.  I presented myself as a potential investor interested in seeing the facilities and wanted to ask some questions about the process.  I was referred to someone in Quebec.  I won't be following up on that.

I drove around the building.  They have the largest indoor greenhouse I've ever seen.  I now assume they could produce product all year, but do not know.  Only a few vehicles parked out back.  As I completed my exterior tour, a sign that I'd missed came into vision.  "Medicago is a tobacco free campus".  I'd stay away from this tobacco stock for quite a while but it was nice to see the place.  Perhaps I should call before I go visit Novavax next week?

I went by the Tesla service center.  Three cars wrapped, indicating they were ready for delivery.  Several more being worked on.  It looks to me like they need a larger service center to help expansion.

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