Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adjustment, Emotional Check

I was holding off on removing remainder 1/3 of a 401K back into the market until the 50 day index averages were trading above the 200 day (see here please or click on post title to go: but took advantage of yesterdays pull back to put that money back in. I'd had the account split in 5, got rid of two underperformers and added two that have been doing well. This acct is 40% international, 20% realestate, 40% US. Of note: The naz and semis both have 50 day average above 200 day, dah bull is good!

I am grateful I've had things to do the past couple of days and have not spent the entire day in front of computer. My emotions have been running high. I am not sure what it means. But in the same manner that I was calm when some issues were down and slept well, I want the same to be true when stocks are doing well. Even when I was up >80% in late 2007 I was still in and out of the market a lot. If I'd just held some of the leaders I'd have done even better. While I love watching the bells and whistles all day long, I think I'd be better off fully engaged in life and watch things like Darvas.

Then again, I'd have to have the monitor on with full volume so my spouse could grab me when an alert popped!

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