Monday, June 15, 2009

I am still bullish...

I did not like the looks of what I owned late last week. TNDM broke hard on large volume. I do not know why. Two bigshots in the company spoke at some fancy thing (, at the end you here they are going to another room to continue the discussion. I figure something was talked about there that scared analysts away. I was up in this with options and stocks by near 20% at one point, ended up losing it and then some. Stock loss was a perfect 8%. I was working big break day, might have sold if I was at home watching that volume come in. I am not sure if I should have taken some profit earlieror if my sit on it for big win would be better. I sold last Friday. BROKEN for now.

GMCR-hot stock. I only had options, instead of over $3 each I got like 20 cents, likely only paid for the trade. TNDM and LFT action had me scared, also got out Friday. This might still be okay to watch.

APWR-the one true winner, got maybe 20% on it in my wifes Roth, nice to have her ahead of my Roth for a change. This account now profitable YTD. Leaders action and my fear had me sell despite being a winner, earnings out 6/16, might be best to sit out earnings. I am continuing to follow and will by this one again if price and volume suggest it to me.

I'm glad I sold these and did not get ill today. I do not think this is a big break in market, leaving everything else where it is, kinda sticking with rules based trading.

My new young birds took first flight yesterday!

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  1. I like to close a position prior to earnings announcement to be a safe policy. I have learnt this from bitter experience (experience is another name for mistakes made!) This applies for swing trading.