Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Review

I've just finished reading Greg Morris' Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators. A great read, I plan on adding some of this to my daily routine. Some of the stuff is easier to see relationships with than others, my guess is I'll skip the one in a blue moon indicators and stick with broad trend stuff that does not swing around much. Assessment of market breadth notably important.

The McClellan family of indicators gets a lot of mention there and I have seen them elsewhere. I've not seen all of these as an option on sites I've used before so I went to their site:
It looks like too much information to me. In particular I note them calling for bullish moves in June 08 and Oct 08 that clearly did not materialize.

I wise man once wrote to me that "Only price pays".


  1. Nursebee:

    I like your blog. Great mission statement!

    I do not know if it is OK with you to post questions on a given stock for your opinion? IBD forum is an awkward place to direct a question specifically to one person.

    I have been doing swing trading as well as long-term trading. I greatly rely on candlestick charts. The research available at IBD is quite good. I like articles published in New America for ideas and find them very helpful.

    I will check your blog for your response to my comment. Good luck in investing!


  2. I welcome questions and comments.