Friday, June 26, 2009

Early am thoughts

Believing we are heading for better times, I view having long term money in the market as a good thing. I've tried to be better disciplined about jumping back in after bad days, this has been beneficial. My 401K buys or sells at closing prices so buying on dips helps. The trick YEARS down the road is to recognize things near the top and sell out after big gains.

From a technical analysis standpoint when viewing the SP500 chart, we had a low of 878.94 on 5/15. Our most recent low did not hit that. This can be viewed as a higher low. Our recent high of 956.23 is higher than previous high of 930.17. From what I've read this is bullish or how an uptrend works. Going down below 878 breaks this.

The fed recently began the process of closing 2 manners in which they could help lend money to big folks. I like this.

I am reading a book on market indicators and hope to add a few of these to my analysis of the markets.

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